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Does the working experience of your people foster a sense of purpose, engagement, and inspire your people to unleash their best work?

We help you to create or evolve a company culture that reflects your values in the day-to-day context of experience for your employees, customers, investors, and other stakeholders. A consistent, brand-strengthening culture where people thrive. Together we blend who you are with your organization’s purpose and how you pursue it, weaving in your environmental, social, and governance objectives. 

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We enable you to equip your leaders and people managers to model and sustain your culture throughout their engagement with their teams, customers, investors, and other partners, instilling in them a strong sense of trust and loyalty. 

Not only that, but your culture has a direct impact on your bottom line. Because culture drives engagement, engagement drives performance, and performance drives business results. The stock market doesn’t lie. Glassdoor’s 2020 study, ‘What’s culture worth,’ compares the performance of $1,000 invested in companies awarded Best Place to Work, versus the S&P500, over the course of 10 years. The ‘Best Places to Work’ yields a 6.5X return vs 3.5X for the SP500.


Valerie Derome

Valerie Derome

Senior Vice President, Leadership Advisory

“Culture is what makes your company, your company. It’s about recognizing those tangibles and intangibles and bringing them to life in the work experience. Culture fosters trust because your people understand how you will set out to do what you say you will do. Culture lets people thrive because they feel they identify, or select out because they feel they don’t.”