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Do the capabilities and performance of your people enable the achievement of your business objectives?

We design and build talent management programs and activities that deliver an engaging employee experience and expectation of high performance. 

Onboarding | New Manager Development | Leadership Development | Succession Planning | High Potential Programs | Coaching and Mentoring | Competency Modeling | Performance Management | Talent Assessment | Goal Setting | Highly Effective Teams

Highflyers expect purposeful talent management, driven and owned by authentic leaders, where performance management is a critical component of people and business growth. At the other end of the scale, meaningless, tick the box annual reviews obscurely connected to performance, reward, and career development, will reduce engagement and cause retention and recruitment issues.  Our approach to people capital creates a ‘balance sheet’ that captures the right inputs, investment, and analysis to enhance performance output and success, both for the organization and for your people. Our approach also ensures that leaders:

  • Understand and act on their talent landscape, to unlock motivation and performance
  • Articulate performance and development goals that make sense for the business, and fuel people’s ambitions and motivation
  • Enhance their capability to assess the behaviors, attitudes, and skills that sustain the company culture and are critical for achieving business goals

A Leadership Advisory Partner You Can Trust

Valerie Derome

Valerie Derome

Senior Vice President, Leadership Advisory

“Authentic leaders truly care about their people. They provide clarity of where their people stand, where they are expected to be, and support them to get there. They have the humility to self-reflect, self-assess, and continuously seek growth against culturally aligned models of leadership”