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Does your HR & Talent function have the structure, capability, and resources to enable the achievement of your people strategy? 

Delivering the business strategy means aligning and delivering your people strategy. The platform for that is an HR & Talent function that is geared up to attract, assess, recruit, engage, retain and develop your talent in a way that is anchored in your company culture. We help you rethink and implement the foundations of this platform.

Organization & Team Design | Programs, Processes & Technology Implementation | Transformation, Merge & Integration Project

Our design thinking means that we hardwire the ‘seat at top table’ for your talent function, as trusted advisors and coaches. This enables your leaders to:

  • Enhance their people leadership capabilities, and in particular, their assessment skills
  • Drive a purposeful people agenda
  • Hold themselves and each other accountable to execute on their people agenda
  • Make smart people decisions, supported by an authentic understanding of their teams and robust data & insights.


Valerie Derome

Valerie Derome

Senior Vice President, Leadership Advisory

“People thrive in organizations when they are connected to the big picture, contribute to the company purpose and are recognized for it. We help you build the mindset and practices so your leaders can drive a purposeful talent agenda and unleash their people’s potential”