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Radical advances in technology have revolutionized the way business is conducted, succeeding industrialization as the world’s driving force of productivity and change. These breakthroughs are impacting all forms of digital commerce and customer engagement. Today, data has become a competitive tool for organizations. 

Companies are just beginning to harness the power of analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. These fundamental shifts are placing companies embedded in technology at the forefront of the new economy. In order to compete and thrive, the expertise and efficiency of an organization must advance ahead of the rate of change that the organization desires.  

At Mughal & McRae, we specialize in helping our clients address the unique talent challenges of the technology market by transforming the way they recruit, develop, and retain the best-in-class data and technology leaders.

Transformative Search through Industry Expertise


Over 25 years Data & Technology experience

As the head of our Data & Technology Search Division, Ameer transforms his client’s organizational development by finding them innovative, agile leaders who are equipped to meet the data and technology challenges of today’s business climate. Ameer and his team help companies strategically design their organizations – the structure, roles, and responsibilities – to seize opportunities presented by new advances in technology and data delivery. They help them select and hire the talent they need to execute their strategy. 

Why Mughal & McRae?

“I leverage my years of industry expertise to create outstanding customer experiences for both my clients and candidates. Before co-founding Mughal & McRae in 2007, I started my career as an Oracle implementation consultant, and then went on to co-found an Oracle Consulting Practice, which was recognized as an Inc. 500 company. My unique blend of technical and business acumen empowers your organization to have access to innovative, agile technology professionals who are at the forefront of transformation—a critical ingredient for companies to have in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.”

Data & Technology Innovators

We place transformative Data & Technology leaders at world-class organizations.

Chief Innovation Officer
Chief Information Security Officer
Chief Information Officer
Head of Data Science
VP Data Analytics
SVP Applicant Development

Director Agile Transformation
Sr. Director Integration & Data Science
Principal Data Scientist
Sr. Innovation Program Manager
Director Enterprise Architecture
Chief Cloud Solutions Architect